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Ad Strength

Ad is a crucial element of any Campaign. It is the content that is displayed to the user after entering a specific query in the search engine. Ads consist of several key elements, each playing a specific role in conveying information to users. The main elements include:

  • Final URL - the destination where the user lands after clicking on the Ad.

  • Headlines - they should be attractive, concise, attention-grabbing, and answer the user's query.

  • Descriptions - an area where the advertiser can provide additional information about the product or service. The description should include all important details and encourage clicking on the Ad.

  • Assets - additional information or links that can be added to the Ad to enhance its value.

Responsive search ads have certain limitations to keep in mind:

  • 15 headlines - 30 text characters each

  • 4 descriptions - 90 text characters each

The more headlines and descriptions you add, the more effective your Ad will be. Therefore, we recommend using the maximum content limit.

Free audit of your Google Ads account. Use PING to receive an audit of your Google Ads account regarding the Google Ad Grants program policy - here.

How does PING work?

PING analyzes all enabled campaigns on your Google Ads account (excluding smart campaigns). If your ads don't use the maximum content limit (15 headlines, 4 descriptions), you will be informed.

How to edit ads?

Select the Ad Group and specific Ad you want to edit, then click the "Edit" button.

Fill in all fields: final URL, headlines, descriptions, assets, keeping in mind the characters limitations.



We understand your needs, and we know that managing a Google Ad Grants account is not easy. In response to this problem, we have created PING , which will give you confidence that your account complies with the program's policies and will not be blocked.

With PING, you will receive a periodic report of your account with most important information regarding Google Ad Grants policy, including:

  • campaign settings - type, budget, languages, locations, bid strategy, number of ad groups

  • ads - we will check if ads are properly configured and if there are any disapproved ads on the account

  • keywords - we will check if there are any prohibited single keywords or keywords with low quality scores on the account

You can choose from one of three options of PING. You can opt for a free option, with audit every 90 days or one of the paid versions:

PING - weekly account audit. Gain confidence in adhering to Google Ad Grants policy and receive recommendations on how to improve results. Buy now (39 USD/month) →
PING + Assistant - automatic account changes. The assistant will check your account daily and fix all errors on your behalf. Buy now (79 USD/month) →

Have any questions?

Check out the full PING offer - here or schedule a free consultation - here.

We also invite you to join our open Facebook group for organisations using the Google Ad Grants program - here.


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