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Managing a Google Ad Grants advertising account is significantly more challenging than managing a regular Google Ads account.

Why? As part of the program, there are rules that your account must comply with in order to maximize results and avoid being blocked.

Google does not notify about errors or warn before blocking. With PING.NGO, you have the assurance of adhering to the Google Ad Grants Policy.

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How do we take care of your account?


As part of PING.NGO, you will receive a periodic report of your account with information such as:

  • Is the account active?

  • Number of active campaigns, impressions, clicks, conversions, budget used, average CPC, CTR

  • Click trend

  • Conversion trend

  • Account Optimization Score

  • Google Ads Recommendations

This will give you an insight into the condition of your account and initial instructions on what to change if the account violates the program's rules (e.g., CTR<5%)


We continuously verify if the keywords used in your ads meet Google's requirements:

  • We check the overall number of active keywords on the account

  • We verify if each ad group contains the correct number of keywords

  • We check for the presence of single keywords on the account (except for exceptions)

  • We inspect if there are keywords with low quality scores on the account

  • We check for repeated keywords on the account

Incorrect keywords are the most common reason for the blocking of Google Ad Grants accounts. Additionally, you will gain tips on how to improve campaign results.

PING + Assistant

Automatically suspends:

  • Single keywords

  • Keywords with a low quality score

  • Repeated keywords


In addition to settings on your advertising account, your website must also comply with the rules of the Google Ad Grants program.

  • We check each website used in campaigns through Page Speed Insights, evaluating it in four categories (performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO) for both mobile and desktop versions.

  • We verify the URL addresses of pages that your ads link to. In case of errors such as 404 Not Found, 500 Server Error, or inactive SSL certificate, you will receive a notification.

  • We check if conversions are being counted on each page used in the campaigns.


We monitor your campaigns to relieve you of configuring their settings, aiming to increase results.

  • We check the number of landing pages

  • We verify if campaigns are developing correctly

  • We ensure you are using the correct types of campaigns - others will not generate results

  • We check if each campaign has the appropriate number of ad groups, and if each ad group has the correct number of ads

  • We verify if the budget for each campaign is set correctly

  • We check if campaigns are using the correct types of bids, so your account is not subject to a $2 per click limit

  • We verify if each campaign includes the appropriate number of extensions

  • We check if the extensions used in campaigns are not rejected

  • We ensure the location and language settings are consistent with the program's policy;

PING + Assistant

Automatically adjusts:

  • campaign budget

  • bid type

  • locations

  • language


We check your ads' settings for compliance with the Google Ad Grants program policy and their effectiveness.

  • We verify if all ads are set to the correct type - others will not generate results

  • We check if each ad contains the appropriate number of headlines and ad texts

  • We inspect if there are any rejected ads on the account and the reason for rejection

  • We ensure that the ads do not contain prohibited punctuation marks or expressions

PING + Assistant

Automatically suspends:

  • Rejected ads

  • Ads with a non-functioning website


$39 / month

Weekly account audit: account structure, ad groups, campaigns, keywords, ads, domains.

PING + Assistant

$79 / month

Weekly account audit with daily automated optimizations. Ad Grants Course included.



(free of charge every 90 days)

Full Google Ad Grants Policy compliance check

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