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Bid Strategy Type

What is bid strategy type?

Your bid strategy type is how you've chosen to set bids for your Ads. We distinguish various types of bidding, but within the Google Ad Grants Campaign, we recommend starting with "Maximize Clicks" and then selecting "Maximize Conversions" in the next stage.

Google Ad Grants Policy

According to the Google Ad Grants policy, when choosing "Maximize Clicks," you should set the maximum CPC bid limit to $2. This means that the cost per click on the Ad cannot exceed $2.

If you are using Google Grants PRO, the maximum CPC bid limit is $5.

To avoid such limitations, change the strategy bid type to "Maximize Conversions". However, keep in mind that you must have set conversions on your account and they must be tracked.

Free audit of your Google Ads account. Use PING to receive an audit of your Google Ads account regarding the Google Ad Grants program policy - here.

How does PING work?

PING analyzes all enabled Campaigns on Google Ads account, excluding smart campaigns.

If your bid strategy type is set incorrectly:

  • PINGYou will receive a notification and tips for improvement.

  • PING + Assistant: PING will check whether the campaign has tracked a minimum of 3 conversions in the last 30 days. If so, we will change the bid strategy type to Maximize Conversions. Otherwise, it will be set to Maximize Clicks (with a CPC bid limit of $2, $5 for Google Grants PRO).

How to set bid strategy type?

To begin with, consider what type of bid strategy type your Campaigns should have. Should they maximize clicks or conversions? Start by checking the results.

If your campaign tracked some conversions (minimum 3 in last 30 days), set bid strategy to "Maximize conversions". Go to the settings of the specific campaign, click on "Bidding," and choose "Maximize conversions".

If you haven't set up conversion tracking yet, start with maximizing clicks. Choose "Maximize clicks," but remember to set the CPC bid limit to $2.



We understand your needs, and we know that managing a Google Ad Grants account is not easy. In response to this problem, we have created PING , which will give you confidence that your account complies with the program's policies and will not be blocked.

With PING, you will receive a periodic report of your account with most important information regarding Google Ad Grants policy, including:

  • campaign settings - type, budget, languages, locations, bid strategy, number of ad groups

  • ads - we will check if ads are properly configured and if there are any disapproved ads on the account

  • keywords - we will check if there are any prohibited single keywords or keywords with low quality scores on the account

You can choose from one of three options of PING. You can opt for a free option, with audit every 90 days or one of the paid versions:

PING - weekly account audit. Gain confidence in adhering to Google Ad Grants policy and receive recommendations on how to improve results. Buy now (39 USD/month) →
PING + Assistant - automatic account changes. The assistant will check your account daily and fix all errors on your behalf. Buy now (79 USD/month) →

Have any questions?

Check out the full PING offer - here or schedule a free consultation - here.

We also invite you to join our open Facebook group for organisations using the Google Ad Grants program - here.


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