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Disapproved Ads

Updated: Apr 15

Disapproved Ads are those that have been rejected by Google due to violations of advertising policies and guidelines. Google has a set of rules that advertisers must adhere to for their content to be accepted. Violating these rules can lead to Ad disapproval or even account suspension.

Ads can be:

  • Disapproved - meaning it doesn't generate impressions.

  • Limited - it appears in response to user queries but to a limited extent.

Free audit of your Google Ads account. Use PING to receive an audit of your Google Ads account regarding the Google Ad Grants program policy - here.

How does PING work?

PING analyzes all enabled campaigns on your Google Ads account excluding smart campaigns.

If disapproved Ads appear on your account:

  • PING: You will receive a notification and tips on what to do.

  • PING + Assistant:  Assistant will automatically pause disapproved Ad (to prevent account suspension) and inform you about further steps.

How to change Ad status?

There are two possibilities. If you believe that your Ads comply with the policy and were wrongly disapproved, you can appeal this decision.

First, you need to locate the disapproved Ad, hover over disapproval reason and then click "Appeal."

Choose the appropriate reason for the appeal, and then click "Submit."

However, if your Ad was disapproved because you violated the guidelines, either correct it (by editing its content) or pause it.



We understand your needs, and we know that managing a Google Ad Grants account is not easy. In response to this problem, we have created PING , which will give you confidence that your account complies with the program's policies and will not be blocked.

With PING, you will receive a periodic report of your account with most important information regarding Google Ad Grants policy, including:

  • campaign settings - type, budget, languages, locations, bid strategy, number of ad groups

  • ads - we will check if ads are properly configured and if there are any disapproved ads on the account

  • keywords - we will check if there are any prohibited single keywords or keywords with low quality scores on the account

You can choose from one of three options of PING. You can opt for a free option, with audit every 90 days or one of the paid versions:

PING - weekly account audit. Gain confidence in adhering to Google Ad Grants policy and receive recommendations on how to improve results. Buy now (39 USD/month) →
PING + Assistant - automatic account changes. The assistant will check your account daily and fix all errors on your behalf. Buy now (79 USD/month) →

Have any questions?

Check out the full PING offer - here or schedule a free consultation - here.

We also invite you to join our open Facebook group for organisations using the Google Ad Grants program - here.


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