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SSL Certificate

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol designed to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a user's web browser. This encryption ensures that the data transmitted between the server and the browser remains secure and confidential. SSL is commonly used to secure sensitive information such as login credentials, personal data, and financial transactions on the internet. SSL also enhances credibility in the eyes of users.

Google Ad Grants Policy

According to the Google Ad Grants policy, website used in Ads must have an active SSL certificate. Otherwise, the website won't be accepted and Ads won't be displayed.

Free audit of your Google Ads account. Use PING to receive a free Google Ad Grants policy compliance audit - here

How does PING work?

PING analyzes all websites used in your campaigns (excluding smart campaigns). You receive information about active and inactive SSL certificates on your websites.

How can we help?

We can assist you in purchasing and correctly installing an SSL certificate on your website to ensure that your campaigns meet the requirements of the Google Ad Grants policy.



We understand your needs, and we know that managing a Google Ad Grants account is not easy. In response to this problem, we have created PING , which will give you confidence that your account complies with the program's policies and will not be blocked.

With PING, you will receive a periodic report of your account with most important information regarding Google Ad Grants policy, including:

  • campaign settings - type, budget, languages, locations, bid strategy, number of ad groups

  • ads - we will check if ads are properly configured and if there are any disapproved ads on the account

  • keywords - we will check if there are any prohibited single keywords or keywords with low quality scores on the account

You can choose from one of three options of PING. You can opt for a free option, with audit every 90 days or one of the paid versions:

PING - weekly account audit. Gain confidence in adhering to Google Ad Grants policy and receive recommendations on how to improve results. Buy now (39 USD/month) →
PING + Assistant - automatic account changes. The assistant will check your account daily and fix all errors on your behalf. Buy now (79 USD/month) →

Have any questions?

Check out the full PING offer - here or schedule a free consultation - here.

We also invite you to join our open Facebook group for organisations using the Google Ad Grants program - here.


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