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31+ lessons  Guarantee of grant acquisition  Step-by-step process

Online course for Nonprofits

As part of the Google Ad Grants program, your NGO gains access to $10,000 per month.

We designed the course to enable you to gain

the knowledge in one place, without prior experience, that will allow you to join the Google Ad Grants program and ensure that your campaigns achieve their intended goals.

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About course

  • 31 Brilliant Video Lessons

  • Step-by-Step Process (No Experience Required) 

  • Lifetime Access

  • New Materials Added Regularly

  • Support from the Webup! Team

  • Guarantee of aquiring Google Ad Grants within a Maximum of 60 Days

  • Completion Certificate 

  • Free, Periodic Account Audit 

  • Access to the NGO Community (+2000)

  • individuals working in NGOs responsible for communication, marketing, website management, etc.

  • NGOs not participating in the Google Ad Grants program

  • NGOs wishing to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns

  • NGOs collaborating with marketing agencies who would like to understand the program's operation

  • marketing agencies that regularly serve NGOs

If the course turns out not to be right for you, you can return it

for free within 14 days!

Meet your instructors

Paulina Mucha

Co-founder of Webup!

Google Ad Grants specialist

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Oskar Sznajder

Co-founder of Webup!

Google Ad Grants specialist

Klaudia Kieliszek

Head of Customer Success

Google Ad Grants specialist

Learn more Google Ad Grans


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4 lessons, 60 minutes of material

Module to help you acquire Google Ad Grants

Lesson 1 - What is Google Ad Grants?

Lesson 2 - Application Process

Lesson 3 - Preparing your website

Lesson 4 - Application Process - Google for Nonprofits

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Account Setup

6 lessons, 35 minutes of material

Module to help you correctly set up your Google Ad Grants account

Lesson 1 - Setting up an advertising account

Lesson 2 - Billing for the advertising account

Lesson 3 - Access to the advertising account - adding users

Lesson 4 - How to add more domains to the advertising account?

Lesson 5 - Linking the advertising account with Google Analytics

Lesson 6 - Google Support - Where to look for help?

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Creating Ads

6 lessons, 91 minutes of material

Module that will teach you how to create ads

Lesson 1 - Overview of Google AdWords

Lesson 2 - Account Structure

Lesson 3 - From Advertising Goals to Campaigns

Lesson 4 - Choosing the Right Keywords

Lesson 5 - How to Write Ads

Lesson 6 - Setting Up Your First Campaign

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Conversion Tracking

4 lessons, 27 minutes of material

Module that will teach you how to measure the effectiveness of ads

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Conversions

Lesson 2 - Google Analytics

Lesson 3 - Google Tag Manager

Lesson 4 - Creating Conversions


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Campaign Optimization

7 lessons, 71 minutes of material

Module that will ensure your campaigns yield real results

Lesson 1 - Overview of Account Activities

Lesson 2 - Google Ad Grants Policy

Lesson 3 - Improving Campaign Performance

Lesson 4 - Automation Rules - Low Quality Score of Keywords

Lesson 5 - Setting Bids in Campaigns

Lesson 6 - Tips for Effective Use of the Program

Lesson 7 - How to Unlock a Google Ad Grants Account?

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Google Analytics

4 lessons, 41 minutes of material

Module that will teach you everything about analytics

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Google Analytics

Lesson 2 - Campaign URL Builder

Lesson 3 - Google Analytics (Universal Analytics)

Lesson 4 - Google Analytics (GA4)

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